With a new year, comes a new you, right? While some goals we let slip after about a week or so, there are some goals worth pursuing. These are the goals that you can accomplish in a year if you dedicate your time and really commit. Here are six great goals you should consider making when the clock strikes twelve.

1. Spend More Time with the Ones You Love, Duh!

You live a fast-paced life burdened with work and responsibilities. So you often feel that you don’t have enough time to spend with your family and friends. It seems that you are always missing the important things in life. But if you make it one of your goals worth pursuing on New Year’s Eve, you will find a way to do just that. How? Organization and prioritization, my friend. And you can decide that, so give up on excuses. First, you want to ask yourself what are your priorities and what is that thing that you are always missing. Then reorganize your activities and your time. For example, you can come up with some new mutual activities. That way you will be able to pursue this everlasting goal.


2. Lose Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Active Whenever Possible

I’m sure you’ve tried this one before. At one point or another, everyone has. After all, this is usually one of the top New Year’s goals worth pursuing for most people. Even though it’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions out there, it’s also the one that’s most neglected. Saying you’re going to be healthier and actually doing it? Well those are two very different things. The best advice I can give is that you should set achievable goals. If your goal is to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model by the time summer rolls around, well…you’re in for a bit of a disappointment. Setting impossible goals will only make you frustrated. And in turn, that will make you give up on your goals all the more quickly. If you want to stick to a health regime, be practical.

3. Reinvent Yourself Because New Year, New You

Feeling a little stuck in a rut lately? Let’s face it, you get used to a certain routine and before you know it, you’re spending every evening on the coach watching Netflix. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all about binge watching your favorite shows, but there’s more to life than being a coach potato. Make this year the year that you do something you’ve never done before and shake things up a bit. You can do something as small as getting a new hair cut or changing up your wardrobe. Or if you’re looking for some major excitement do something bold! Go skydiving, swim with sharks, travel the world, whatever. You are limited only by your imagination.


4. Ditch Your Bad Habits and Work Towards Self-Improvement

Is there something about yourself that irks you? Are you late all the time? Would you like to wake up an hour earlier each morning? Do you have a sharp tongue? Do you leave dishes in the sink until they pile up? Getting rid of your annoying bad habits is not an easy task. But it definitely is one of our goals pursuing this year. I have been trying to get up earlier each morning for months but I keep hitting the snooze button. Think about a trait of yours that you would like to get a hold of and work towards improving it.

5. Meet New People, Make New Connections and Have Confidence

If you are not a social butterfly – like me – you may want to think about trying to meet new people. I currently chat to more people online than I speak to in person. Not exactly something I’m proud of. Think about it, when was the last time you had a great conversation with a stranger? When we meet new people, we tend to learn about new perspectives. It opens up our minds to new ideas and new stories. Even if the conversation is not good, it is bound to be entertaining in the least. While there is nothing wrong with spending some quality “me” time, networking is important. Be it your career, your interests or even just to boost self-confidence.

6. Try to Reduce Stress in Your Everyday Life

When considering goals worth pursuing, I place this one at the bottom of the list for a reason. Life is short. Too short. Spend your time doing things that matter to you, spend time with those you love the most. Try to cut through stress with a razor sharp knife. Quality of life is more important than making money. I know it is easier said than done, but you can succeed if you change your mindset. It is natural to stress over important things. What you want to change is all that nervousness because of some nonsense things. The first thing you need to do is to separate the important from unimportant stuff. And just accept that you can’t have control over everything. Instead, focus on the positive stuff. How to do that? Here’s a little trick. When something is bothering you, think about whether it will be important 3 years from now. If the answer is no, then stop being nervous and anxious. Instead, write down 3 positive things that have happened to you during that day.


Final Thoughts on Goals Worth Pursuing This Year

Who knows whether you will be able to make new year’s resolutions stick? These could be the last you ever make. Stick to them and make 2017 count!

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